Tuesday, October 25, 2011

VIDEOS: An Andrew Sanborn Adventure; SYA on the Evening News

          Sorry I haven't posted since the trip, things have been a little busy at school, and if I continued to explain each school week it would get a little redundant.... But never fear, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make up for a lack of entries. Check out these two videos. The first video (above) is one I made about our Sapa- Ha Long bay adventure (hint: don't close the video before the credits finish).

          Next, remember way back when when I posted about a news crew that came to our school and did a story about SYA? If the answer is yes, continue to read. If not, scroll down and find it, and while your at it enjoy my other entries. It was played on national TV and is a weekly "english journal" segment of the newscast - they only do the one segment in English each week which is why it may be a little difficult to understand the newscaster.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see it when it aired on TV so the producer posted it on Youtube so I (we) could see it..... 

          Check back in a few days for a new entry for this weekend, because I had my first game with the soccer league here, but that's a gripping story for a different day. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these movies.


  1. Hey Andrew! Love the videos -- you completely take on the persona of a newscaster! Look forward to hearing more about the fighter/monk -- sounds like a very interesting story. And I especially loved the outtakes -- very funny! Great posting!!!
    lol maemae